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Dear Participants,

Bursa, which has succeeded in combining its historical and natural beauties with industry and technology, is a city that plays a pioneering role in the development of Turkey.

This city, which hosted different civilizations, was the first capital of the Ottoman Empire, and today produces in all areas of life, from automotive to machinery and metal production, from agriculture-based industry to furniture, has the ability to transform what it produces into added value.

Bursa is one of the cities where traditional values are integrated with history and nature, and the cultural life constantly preserves its vitality. Behind this success of Bursa, which has transformed its local values into the universal, lies the duly fulfilling its duty of cultural ambassador by blending the backgrounds of different civilizations.

On the other hand, Bursa Science and Technology Center, which was established to increase the interest of our society in science and to contribute to new generations in this field, has become one of the most prestigious centers in Turkey at this point. Bursa Science and Technology Center continues all scientific activities and national organizations as it has since its establishment.

Bursa has always been a hospitable city throughout its history. Bursa, which hosts many different national and international organizations such as the the League of Historical Cities and the Healthy Cities Network, will host many events throughout 2022 with the title of Cultural Capital of the Turkic World.

It is a special point of pride for us to be hosting the 2022 World Conference to be held by Bursa Metropolitan Municipality and ASPAC (Asia Pacific Network of Science and Technology )in October.

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality’s hosting of the ASPAC 2022 Conference will not only increase the recognition of our city, which was the first capital of the Ottoman Empire and the cradle of civilizations since ancient times, but also will support the promotion of the exemplary works and studies carried out by our Science and Technology Center to guests from many parts of the world.

I would like to thank those who contributed and wish the conference to be held in October to be beneficial for all.


Alinur AKTAŞ

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor


Dear Participants,

Given our cultural backgrounds, what does the ASPAC do in the face of a crisis? We look for opportunities to be a better network.

It has been 3 years since we held our in-person annual conference and this year, with gratitude and thanks to the Bursa Science Center in Turkey, we will once again venture outside our own institutions to celebrate what we all stand for: science engagement for a better world.

In 2020 and 2021, our ASPAC family has rolled out ways that made us closer than ever before. We now have established an active shared leadership in the Executive Council and the emerging leaders have demonstrated their capacity to energize our network in the many initiatives that we have seen in that short time. By all indications, this kind of energy can be sustained if we remain true to the spirit of being a family with shared values including that of peace and compassion.

Our conference theme this year is “The Role of Science Center and Museums in Culture and Change”. The 2022 annual conference will also make some sessions that could be available online, accessible, to those who cannot come to Bursa. While the crisis of the pandemic still looms, and other kinds of crisis also arose, we affirm that what we do is necessary so that we can learn from each other and respond to all kinds of challenges. We have a special role in moving our own cultures for a better world and a healthier planet.

Science shines best when it is in the service of life. Science centers and museums are uniquely positioned to distill and amplify that for our culturally diverse and changing world. Let us affirm that as we behold each other’s face in Bursa. See you all in October!


Prof. Tit Meng LIM

ASPAC President




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